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Sharing Our Story

We have had the opportunity to present and write about our work with the Digital Scholarship in Museum Partnerships Project throughout the project's evolution.  Below is a selection of these opportunities. 

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Sara Clarke-De Reza, Raven Bishop and Julie Markin were awarded the Hunter Burley Award by the Small Museums Association for the Digital Scholarship in Museum Partnerships (DSMP) project.


The Hunter Burley Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the advancement of professional growth within, and/or the accessibility of information to the small museum community on a regional or state level. Typically awarded to an individual, this is the first time in the award’s history that it has been granted to a team, recognizing the cross-disciplinary, highly-collaborative nature of the DSMP project.


Invited Talk: 

Learning in Virtual & Augmented Reality: Intro to Technology, Design, and Collaboration for High-Impact Educational Experiences

Association of Southeastern Research Libraries

February 24, 2021

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Teaching and Learning with (Virtual) Collections: Strengths and Challenges of Object-Based Instruction in Augmented and Virtual Realities

Mid-Atlantic Association Of Museums (MAAM) Virtual Annual Meeting

October 14, 2020

Recent shifts toward social distancing and remote learning have demonstrated a need for virtual and online resources for enrichment and instruction. Though the unique experience of visiting a museum cannot be replicated in the virtual world, we can no longer deny the utility and necessity of digital collections....Panelists will de-mystify these technologies and demonstrate how they can be used to supplement rather than replace traditional object- and space-based instruction.


Speakers: Sara Clarke-Vivier, Assistant Professor of Education, Washington College, Chestertown, MD;  Raven Bishop, NBCT, Instructional Technologist, Washington College 

Small Is A Strength: Creating High-Tech Museum Experiences in a Small, Rural Museum through Strategic Community Partnerships

Mid-Atlantic Association Of Museums (MAAM) 2019 Annual Meeting

October 18, 2019

Virtual reality (VR) and digitization projects may seem out of reach or small, rural, community-curated museums...This session will provide a counterpoint to prevailing assumptions about the resources required for such projects, and outlines a set of best-practice suggestions for collaborations of this nature.


Chair: Raven Bishop N.B.C.T., Instructional Technologist,Washington College, Chestertown, MD

Speakers: Sara Clarke-Vivier, PhD, Museum Education & Program Assessment Specialist; Assistant Professor of Education,Washington College, Chestertown, MD; Candi Sorge, Lead Curator, Betterton Heritage Museum, Betterton, MD; Carter Miller, Social Studies Teacher, Kent County Middle School, Kent County Public Schools, Chestertown, MD; Heather Calloway, Executive Director of University Collections, Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington, IN

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Small Is A Strength: Creating High-Tech Museum Experiences in a Small, Rural, Museum through Strategic Community Partnerships

Small Museums Association 2019 Conference

Small museums in rural communities often face the challenge of providing access to the community while operating on limited budgets and depending on volunteer service to keep the museum doors open. Similarly, rural public schools face myriad challenges in getting students to museums for field trips- from traveling long distances to museums, to getting into museums that may only be open on weekends, to making the case that small museums are worth missing a day of instruction to visit. By engaging in a synergistic four-way partnership between a rural college, museums, public schools and tourist office we are able to overcome many of the socio-economic and digital-divide challenges which can limit access to collections in small, rural communities. In this ongoing project: College students learn to leverage technology in conducting primary source research in a real-world setting and communicate this research to the wider world by creating virtual reality exhibits, digital collections and other electronic resources for local museums. Museums gain digital resources & digital collections preservation through hosting college digital scholars in their facilities. Public school teachers write technology-enhanced curriculum to meet Social Studies standards through local history using the digital resources created by the partnership between college digital scholars & museums in their classrooms. The community benefits from the new resources created through synergistic relationship between the college, museum and public school partners. 

Speakers: Sara Clarke-Vivier, Assistant Professor of Education, Washington College, Chestertown, MD;  Raven Bishop, NBCT, Instructional Technologist, Washington College


Sara Clarke-Vivier, Raven Bishop & Julie Markin (2021) Small Tech, Big Impact: Twenty-First Century Educational Collaborations to Preserve and Share Rural Museum Collections, Journal of Museum Education, 46:1, 127-137, DOI: 10.1080/10598650.2020.1864607

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