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It's Nice to Meet You!

Small is a strength! This project could not be possible without the collaboration and commitment of so many community members.  We'd love to introduce you to some of them...

Washington College 

Julie Markin

Chair, Associate Professor of Anthropology; Director of Washington College Archaeology

Raven Bishop

Assistant Director of Educational Technology; 
Lead of VARDIS--the Virtual/Augmented Reality Digital Imaging Studio @ Miller LIbrary

Sara Clarke-DeReza

Associate Professor of Education;

Director of the Museum, Community & Field Education Minor

Special thanks to: 

Courtney E. Rydel

Associate Chair, Associate Professor of English




Candi Sorge

Principal Stakeholder, Former Mayor

Betterton Heritage Museum

Irene Moore

Principal Stakeholder, Former Student

African American Schoolhouse Museum

Carter Miller

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Kent County Public Schools

Bill Poore

Supervisor of Technology

Kent County Public Schools

Dawn Jacobs, Tot Strong, Sawyer Cornelius, Terri Mullikin 

Rock Hall Museum Board Members

Joan Anderson, John Anderson 
Kent Museum Board Members

VR at betterton 3.jpg

A special thank you to...

DSMP is a truly collaborative project.  So many community members have contributed to this project in so many ways.  We'd like to acknowledge:

Ginny Story, Helen Sanders, Jack Luike, Larry Crew, Anita Williams, John Schratweiser, Jana Carter, Bernadette Bowman, Gina Jachimowicz, Sylvester Sewell, Joyce Hopkins, Elinore Black-Waits, Linda Blake, Airlee Ringgold-Johnson, Carolyn Brooks, Jasmyn Castro, Pat Nugent, Adam Goodheart, Gordon Wallace, Tot Strong, Dawn Jacobs, Sawyer Cornelius, Al Cornelius, Charles Edwards, Don Pierce, Ruth Shoge, Cheryl Hoopes, Larry Wilson, Karen Somerville, Art Willis, Rick Morley, Rob Forloney, Gail Owings, Kent Cultural Alliance, Kent County Tourism Office, Sumner Hall, Starr Center for the American Experience, Chesapeake Heartland: An African American Humanities Project, Stories of the Chesapeake Heritage Area, Maryland Humanities

...and so many others. Thank you for your time, talent and generous support.

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