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2022-2023 Partnership
Sumner Hall

206 South Queen Street
Chestertown, MD 

The fourth local partnership of the DSMP project is between Sumner Hall and Washington College. Located in historic Chestertown on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, this is one of two existing African American G.A.R. buildings still standing in the United States. Built circa 1908 and fully restored in 2014, it serves today as a museum, educational site, performance stage, social hall, and gallery. Sumner Hall speaks of important African American experiences, from the time of the U.S. Civil War to the present day. It serves as a place of remembrance of the contributions of African Americans who served in the U.S. Civil War by (1) honoring all African American veterans of the U.S. Armed Services; (2) promoting an understanding of the African American experience within the overall context of American history and culture; and, (3) advocating for social justice and racial equity in all aspects of civic life. 

The first phase of this project was completed by incoming first-year students in the college's Orientation Explore! program, Making History: Making Museums. In just under three days students engaged in object-based primary-source research, digitizes parts of the museum's collection and began the creation of a VR exhibit of the museum's holdings.  The work of these students was followed by students in Dr. Julie Markin's Museum Studies course and VARDIS student Digital Imaging Consultants under the direction of Raven Bishop interviewing museum stakeholders.  Portions of these interviews are embedded into the virtual tour and as augmented reality content in newly-developed museum exhibit banners. Students in Dr. Sara Clarke-DeReza's Designing and Measuring Learning course designed museum exhibit banners utilizing previous students' contributions to this project as a springboard for this work. VARDIS student Digital Imaging Consultants subsequently added augmented-reality content to these panels 

Above: VR exhibit curated by Washington College Students through this partnership. 

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View it in VR!

Scan this QR code using the camera app on your smart-phone.  Click the             icon and place in headset.  Alternatively, use the link in your phone's browser to access the tour. 

Sumner Hall Tour QR.png

Interactive Exhibit Panels

Students in Dr. Sara Clarke-De Reza's Spring 2022 Designing and Measuring Learning Experiences will use the museum's digital object and oral history collection to design the exhibit panels below. Printed versions of these panels will serve as the basis of a traveling exhibit aimed at K-12 students, while interactive virtual versions will link viewers back to oral history clips, 3D models, and other digital museum objects.

Student Digital Curators

Making History:Making Museums

Orientation Explore! Group:


Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Jastin Garcia-Mendoza

Iris Lee

Kyla Ann Trinidad

Lillian Elgayar

Madeline Gilliam

Peyton Baldwin

Samuel Hutchison

Sophia Marks

Museum, Community & Field Education Students:

VARDIS Student Digital Imaging Consultants:


Jonathan Miranda

Heather Fabritze

Sam Hutchinson

Morgan Pounds


Raven Bishop, Instructional Technologist

Dr. Sara Clarke-DeReza, Assistant Professor of Education

Professor Julie Markin's Museum Studies Course:


Victoria Baker

Siobhan Ball

Megh Cooper

Maria Diaz Nazario

Tamara Dyer

Harrison Fear

Cassidy Fitzpatrick

Julia Flaherty

Jon Kelly

Anna Miller

Emma Poole

Izze Rios

Simon Rissell

Dylan Snow

Harriet Starkey

Katlin Tourin

Alex Trabold

Xan Wojie

Professor Sara Clarke-DeReza's Designing and Measuring Learning Course:

Molly Andrews

Lorna Cummings

Julia Flaherty

Roselyn Garcia-Mendoza

Francesca Jacobs

Sophia Lennox

Anna Marshall

Riley McHugh

Xavier Smalls

Emma Smith

Sheridan Smith

Jack Theriault

Sumner Hall Collaboration News

Follow our Progress!

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