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2023-2024 Partnership
Kent Museum

13689 Turners Creek Rd, Kennedyville, MD  

The fifth local partnership of the DSMP project is between Kent Museum and Washington College. Located near Turner's Creek in historic Kennedyville, Kent Museum houses a collection of artifacts, equipment and machinery related to the region's agricultural history. 

The first phase of this project was supported by a fellowship from the Rose O'Neill Literary House in which student Digital Imaging Consultants working in Washington College's Virtual/Augmented Reality Digital Imaging Studio (VARDIS) were able to prepare exhibits and 360-photograph the museum for a virtual tour. 

Stay tuned for future developments in this collaboration!

Above: VR exhibit curated by Washington College Students through this partnership. 

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View it in VR!

Scan this QR code using the camera app on your smart-phone.  Click the             icon and place in headset.  Alternatively, use the link in your phone's browser to access the tour. 

Sumner Hall Tour QR.png

Interactive Exhibit Panels

Students in Dr. Sara Clarke-De Reza's Spring 2023 Designing and Measuring Learning Experiences will use the museum's digital object and oral history collection to design the exhibit panels below. Printed versions of these panels will serve as the basis of a traveling exhibit aimed at K-12 students, while interactive virtual versions will link viewers back to oral history clips, 3D models, and other digital museum objects.

Image by Huma Kabakci

Student Digital Curators

VARDIS Digital Imaging Consultant Fellows

Savannah Nies

Nyamekye Coles Calloway

Making History:Making Museums

Orientation Explore! Group:


Keira Burger

Katrina Callahan

Nora Ciak

Jessica Kelso

Colin MacNabb

Ashley Primwhere

Emma Sager

Madeleine York

Heather Fabritze


Raven Bishop, Instructional Technologist

Dr. Sara Clarke-DeReza, Assistant Professor of Education

Museum, Community & Field Education Students:


VARDIS Student Digital Imaging Consultants:


Sam Hutchinson

Savannah Nies

Nyamekye Coles Calloway

Lilli Elgayar


Professor Sara Clarke-DeReza's Designing and Measuring Learning Course:


Kent Museum Collaboration News

Follow our Progress!

Read our blog and follow along as our project develops!  

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