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Museums of Kent Driving Tour

This past weekend was the Museums of Kent Driving Tour, a county-wide opportunity for visitors to tour Kent County's museums, learning more about local history and culture along the way.

The Worton Point Schoolhouse participated in this weekend's driving tour. Visitors benefitted from hearing first-hand accounts of what it was like to attend school at the schoolhouse both from former schoolhouse students on-site as well as listening to oral history interviews recorded during our Chesapeake Heartland fellowship. The Chesapeake Heartland team was on site Saturday with a pop-up photo exhibit of Kent County African American history and culture. This weekend also marked the launch of the project page for our Chesapeake Heartland fellowship on the Chesapeake Heartland website

The DSMP team, Chesapeake Heartland, Kent Cultural Alliance and former schoolhouse students provided support during and leading up to this weekend's driving tour. Our team feels honored to have been a part of this collaborative effort.

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