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Preservation Day at the Worton Point African American Schoolhouse Museum

Updated: May 28, 2021

Worton Point Schoolhouse Alumni Sylvester Sewell and Joyce Hopkins and Irene Moore of St. George's church were joined by Washington College faculty and staff Sara Clarke-De Reza, Julie Markin, Raven Bishop, Michelle Johnson; student volunteer Hannah Flayhart and Washington College alumna Sara Graff for two Preservation Days at the schoolhouse. The goal of these two days was to begin moving the collection into archival storage materials to aid in its preservation so future generations will benefit from the important histories housed at the schoolhouse. The Chesapeake Heartland truck was also on site with staff and students continuing digitization efforts. These Preservation Days were made possible through generous funding of Chesapeake Heartland and Stories of the Chesapeake Heritage Area*.

*This project has been financed in part with State Funds from the Maryland Heritage Area Authority, an instrument of the State of Maryland.However, the contents and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Maryland Heritage Area Authority.

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