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The Unveiling...

The official unveiling of the Betterton VR tour took place on September 5, 2019. Presenters Candi Sorge, Raven Bishop, Sara Clarke-Vivier, Julie Markin and Courtney Rydel shared how the project unfolded and how it benefitted Washington College and Kent County Public Schools students as well as the Betterton Heritage Museum and the community of Kent County proper.

The museum welcomed community members with a delightful reception, talk and time to try out the technology behind the project!

Text on poster reads: Check out the new VR tour! Digital Scholarship in Museum Partnerships-Real Learning, Real Impact. Betterton Heritage Museum 100 Main Street, Betterton, MD 21610 We invite you to attend the unveiling of the new Betterton Heritage Museum Virtual Tour & Digital Resource Collection created by Washington College students in partnership with the Betterton Heritage Museum and education partners in Kent County Public Schools.
A poster commemorating the new VR tour unveiling.

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